Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Summer Part Two

City Museum , St. Louis, MO
St. Louis, MO is a fabulous place to visit. Some of my favorite people live there. There are some really cool places to visit (more info coming soon on my new travel blog ), and the best one of them just happens to be my sister's house!
Taylor at City Museum
Kitty , Brooke and D
D at the City Museum
Kitty and Brooke
Missouri Botanical Gardens
St. Louis, MO
Paul , Kitty 's husband
Paul and my mother .... oh wait , that 's not Mom, that's my sister Kitty !
This is an exhibit by glass artist Dale Chihuly.
In the next couple of weeks we will be studying Dale Chihuly. We were inspired by ourvisit to the garden where they have some of his amazing work on display . I have two great projects to do with the kids , look for our future post!
Garden/dinner at Kitty 's house
photo by Taylor
D and Marie, Paul 's Mom
photo by Taylor
Fitz , our cousin (my nephew )
photo by Taylor
* We are sorry to Stephanie and Molly that we not do have pics of you to post!*
The Magic House
St Louis, MO

Kitty and the kids , The Magic House
All the kids
What a great trip , what a great time!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Summer Part One

photo by Taylor
What a summer!  We spent a good deal of it preparing, visiting and trying to get home from our trip to the States.  I hadn't realized how long it was since I had put up a post and thought that I would get some done while we were traveling.  Our trip ended up taking a bit more energy and time (as did the time needed to adjust to the time zone and life after) so that never happened.   Hopefully, you can expect a good number of posts to be up soon. 
photo by Taylor
The purpose of our trip was to visit family, meet a new nephew and see a few special friends.  Unfortunately, there were a few favorite family members, friends and a reunion on the Caroom side, with the most wonderful people, that we didn't get to see this time. 
I am working on a new blog of our travels so there will be more detail on these visits in the future.  For now, here are pictures of our trip and the people that we love!
I will post our trip in three posts.  Here is part one:

Baltimore Children's Museum-
a wonderful place to adjust to a different time zone!

Taylor and Brooke have arrived in Texas!
Jackson, our new family member!
Jefe, Cameron's Dad, Doug
Nana, Cameron's Mom, Patricia
Cyrus and Carter, Cameron's brothers
Jessica (our sister in law) and Taylor
Carter (again) and D-
I love this picture!
Catherine and Brooke (Cat is Cameron's sister)
Jackson and Ryder (Cat's boyfriend)
No family visit to TX is complete without seeing our honorary sister, Ashley.

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