Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Summer Part Three

I am starting this blog with this picture because it is my favorite picture from our summer vacation.  It also portrays two of my favorite people and reminds me of Brian and myself a long, long time ago.

The interesting thing about going "home" is that I haven't lived there for 10 years.  I did live there for 34 years (35 if you include our last year in RI) and there is so much of Massachusetts (New England) that will always be home to me.  I would have to live somewhere from today until I am 78 (79) to equal the amount of time that I spent there.  With a move coming up in the next year or two, and possibly a few more after that, I imagine that I will never live in one place for that long again.  My "home" is really where my husband and children are, but for me, "going home" means returning to where I come from. 

Below are just a few of the reasons that New England is still home for me. 

Nick lives in RI
My parents live in MA
A summer picnic in Jamestown, RI with my brother Brian, Derby, Zoe, Emma and Kayla
Lunch with my brother Chris and Galen
Another favorite photo, Taylor looks like the Lorax
This is a very special picture for me.  These are the women who I lived with when I first left home to college.  We hadn't all been together for a very long time and it was fabulous to spend some time together (front row Me, Gin back row Linda, Nadine and CherylAnn).
This was my other favorite picture of the summer!
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