Monday, October 12, 2009

OCTOBER Penny and Tom

On Monday, my sister and Tom came to visit at our house where we laughed and talked and watched the kids play with Tom and Cameron. We got to see two Loons diving and calling to one another. After a bit, 6 little babies swam by in a group.

On Wednesday we got to go and visit them at their house. It was wonderful and beautiful. My sister has herbs drying that she has either grown or picked around her house. Her house smelled just like I want mine to smell. She made a tea that is great for winter. Her recipe is posted on the right.

I have been trying to learn more about herbs and their uses and a great book that my sister recommends is this:

Healing Herbs and Spices; Heinerman’s Encyclopedia
By John Heinerman

We tried to build teepees but it was too windy.

We went on a hike on their property and skipped stones in the river that runs right outside their house.

The day got colder and we went inside and had hot tea and cider. It was a great day.


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