Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be Mine

You know what I like about Valentine's Day? Homemade Valentine's cards. I like that it gives you the opportunity to think about the people you love while you create something special for them. I just let the kids pick who they wanted to make them for and let them create with whatever they could find. The only unfortunate part is that the cards are still awaiting their postage!

Brooke made this for her special cousin, Elle.

Taylor made this for her Grandma. It was her own design!

The one in the middle here (Brooke made the others) was my favorite and it was made for a special person. I'm not telling who it's for, you'll know who you are when you receive it!


Catherine said...

SO CUTE!!! those make my valentine's day cards look so boring!!!! this is my virtual v-day (((hug)))) for all of you!!!!! love you tons Cat (& Ryder) he loves you all to AND Ashley loves you too!!!!

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