Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Homeschool Baristas

The best thing about homeschooling and creating your own curriculum is that you can teach your children whatever you want and what I want is a double shot non-fat latte. Truthfully, the girls wanted to learn how to make them ever since Cameron made them a cocoa with steamed milk and now they are willing to stop anything and make a coffee whatever your preference.

If you're ever in the neighborhood and need a cappucino or latte, please feel free to stop by.


Anonymous said...

I want one of those coffees in a blue flower mug. I want to drink it sitting outside that house while I am staring at that awesome rainbow. Miriam Lambert

Anonymous said...

Explain the preview selections. I need some home-schooling in computer expertise. I just select anonymous because I don't think I have any other choices programmed into my computer. Miriam Lambert

cat said...

OMG i love this!!!!! i'm sending this to our coffee client...what a great idea for kids to learn!!! tell the kids i'll be expecting my non-fat latte when i get there and ryder likes non-fat mochas :) love you!!!!!!

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