Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Market at Porta Nigra in Trier, Germany

To celebrate St. Nicholas Day we attended our first German Christmas Market at Porta Nigra in Trier. Trier is about an hour from our house through the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer Wine Region. Although the weather was less than perfect, we had a wonderful time!

Porta Nigra (which means black gate) was the Roman gateway into Trier. It received it's name in the Middle Ages because of the color of the weathered stone it is made from. The gate was built in the 2nd century. Porta Nigra is the oldest German defensive structure. In the 12th century, it was made into a two story church and used that way until the 19th century. I realized when posting this that the picture I took of the whole gate didn't come out (it was raining) but here is one of the kids and Cameron to show you the relative size of the structure. Please check out the following website, this gate is impressive and I can't believe I don't have a good picture of it!

Walking to the market.

Here are a few pictures from inside the market.

Here we are with our first Gluhwein and Kinderpunsch.

I have had spiced wine before but never Gluhwein in Germany at a Christmas Market. It was delicious. The kids loved the Kinderpunsch (a non-alcoholic version of Gluhwein) as well. I am making it my goal for the rest of the winter to make a great Gluhwein. Try them both, they are really very good. There are recipes listed on the sidebar.

We have pictures of the kids all over the States and Japan so it seemed fitting that their first ride would be on the carousel!

If you know our Taylor, she isn't much of an eater. Every once in a while we find something that she can't get enough of and she found a dream come true at a stall that said Schoko-Fruchte aus reiner Schokolade.

At this stall were all types of fruit covered in chocolate and we discovered that "aus reiner Schokolade" translates to "from pure chocolate". The kids all picked strawberries and they loved them. Especially Taylor.

D decided right sround then that he had to use the bathroom so Cameron took him and here are the girls devouring what was left of his pure chocolate covered strawberries.

I think they may have tasted even better to the girls because of it. Luckily, he never even noticed.

We walked around a bit and found another alley with another section of the market. On the way down to the stalls and rides there was an accordian duo from Minsk. They took a liking to D when he tried to throw his Euro in their case and missed.

They were fabulous and we watched them for a very long time.

It was beginning to get late and very crowded so we didn't shop but just wandered around enjoying the rest of the day.

We did buy the kids some candy and I got some spices and the most beautiful fresh mistletoe.

Our last look at the Christmas Market.

This is a picture right outside the gate. We can't wait to go back.


Joanna said...

George and I had such a wonderful time looking at your photographs,Molly. Loving the expressions of the children as they experienced village life at Christmas time in Germany. We have nothing but admiration for the life learning you and Cameron are passing on. We wish you all peace and joy during your time there.

Anonymous said...

I realized after looking at these pictures that I have actually been in Trier--there is a picture of a young me standing just under the gate. How festive it looks now, decorated with the smiles of your beautiful family!! Can't wait to taste your "gluhwein." Enjoy your travels!
Love to all.
Aunt Kitty

Catherine said...

How much fun!!! and what an experience! looks like life in Germany is going to be awesome!!! i love the pics of Taylor dominating the chocolate strawberries!!!

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