Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving at Chris and Galen's House

We had Thanksgiving this year at Chris and Galen's house. It was a bit hairy at first because we had been living in a hotel for a week with a dog and it was the day before we were going to leave. When we arrived, my parents were already gone because my mother left sick and things weren't coming together exactly as Chris had planned. It was wonderful though to be with family for one last New England Thanksgiving and the food was amazing as always. We didn't take any pictures because there was so much going on but the memories were awesome. Caramels and pickled green beans that Chris made, maple walnut and maple syrup pie by Brian, triple layer chocolate pumpkin cheese cake that Derby made, the best cranberry sauce I have ever had that Joanna (Galen's Mom) made. Everything was delicious and amazing. The only part about Thanksgiving that I didn't like (other than that my Mom and Dad weren't there and we had to say goodbye to everyone for a while) is that we didn't have leftovers that night. We didn't think that we'd be hungry when we were packing up and couldn't take it for the next day because we were leaving. That night around 8 o'clock we were all wanting more!


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