Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lufthansa Flight 423 to Frankfurt

Well, the day finally arrived and we said our painful goodbyes to my Mom and Dad and also to Nick who will be staying in Newport, RI. I was very glad to get all that behind me!
After we dropped Nick to the train we drove straight to Logan. We had the greatest baggage handler who got us right to the desk and helped us get all checked in while Cameron dropped the rental car off. By the time he showed up we had everything checked but the dog, and that was only because he was with Cameron. The kids went with Cameron to get Kuro checked in while I stayed with the bags. Everyone was so nice and helpful, it was a great start to our trip!We only had to wait down at the gate for a bit because they pre-boarded families with kids. Again, they were so helpful and kind.
After we were on board, the flight attendants came by with an age appropriate toy for each kid. Wow. We were already impressed. The pilot mentioned right before take off that there was a strong tail wind and the flight would only take 6 hours and 15 minutes! Our kids are used to the flight to Tokyo! With their own tv monitor, two meals to go and their travel packs I put together for them this trip was going so well!

When we arrived in Frankfurt the shuttle was ready for us. We got right in and I learned all about driving with someone from Germany. The roads were wet, it was dark and he was going about 100 mph (though everything here is in KM, I made the conversion for you). It was about then that exhaustion and homesickness set in. It was hard to see anything so we all took a little nap. When we woke up we saw how pretty the Germany countryside is even along the highway. We were very excited to see what was the area around us would look like.

The shuttle drove us right to our temporary house that looked amazing online. It wasn't. It was a good house but super dirty so we decided that we would stay for one night (because we had to and we were so exhausted already) and then find somewhere else. This was the only glitch of the whole trip! The next day we moved to another house that is still not our style but clean. The shower is a 3x3 foot shower and you have to open the door to pick up the soap or shave your legs. Luckily for us, we started house hunting and we found the greatest place on our first day (see next post).


Catherine said...

I'm so glad the trip went well!!! Sounds like the kids were saints...Go Magnificent Molly Travel Packs!!! I SOoo want one! I'm glad your spirits are up...dirty house and all! what a you. can't wait to hear more!!!

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