Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sankt Nikolaus

We have always celebrated St. Nicholas Day in our house since my oldest son's name is Nicholas. We usually celebrated by having the kids wake up to a small present left out with breakfast and it was always fun in the spirit and anticipation of Christmas.

How lucky for us to be in Germany this year and be able to celebrate the somewhere that also celebrates St. Nicholas Day! Here is a great website if you are interested in the history of Sankt Nikolaus in Germany or anywhere else around the world.

At our house, the night before, the kids left their boots outside on the porch.

The next morning, this is what we woke up to:

The kids found their boots on the kitchen table with candy (chocolate coins and a chocolate St. Nicholas to be exact), dates, pumkin seeds and some clementines. They were so excited!

There was also a small gift. These wooden toys are attached to a spring on the top of their heads and while they were not supposed to be used as toys (it says so on the box) the kids loved using them as yo-yo's and had the greatest time with them.

Lucky us, not only was there a beautiful sunrise but we got to watch half a rainbow grow into full one.

We celebrated the rest of the day by attending our first Christmas Market.

It was a great day.


Catherine said...

That sounds wonderful!!!! Such a beautiful sunset AND rainbow!!! love you

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